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(My A-Z Guide is a resource for people planning an event, be it a wedding, birthday party, shower, etc. As long as it’s related to events, it’s fair game for this series. Please add to the usefulness of this guide by leaving your opinion, advice, or perspective in the comments below! And if you have topic suggestions, definitely mention those, as well!)

Of all of the couples I’ve met, it’s universally been the women with Pinterest accounts, and their wedding pages are usually set to private. I’m not sure why more guys don’t use Pinterest – it’s incredibly useful. Obviously, Pinterest needs to rethink its marketing strategy and maybe pursue the men a bit more.

It’s also been the women who are reading the wedding-related blogs and magazines. And therefore, it’s the women who are worried that elements of their wedding will look overdone. When they mention this, the men at the meetings look at them as though they are crazy. And there’s a reason for this phenomenon!

When you are over-saturated in wedding-related media, it seems like everyone is doing [insert trend here]. (Note: Since planning my own wedding up to the present day, I am over-saturated in wedding-related media. I see nothing wrong with this, so no judgement here.) However, unlike us, the majority of wedding guests are not reading wedding blogs and pinning wedding ideas to a fairly obsessive degree (again, no judgement; I’m right there with you). To them, [insert trend] will likely be something they’ve never seen before. Or, even if they have seen it, they’ve never seen your spin on that idea.

Don’t feel bad that you weren’t the first person to think of [insert trend]. You will be the first person ever to execute it your way. There’s nothing at all wrong with adopting someone else’s idea, and I can almost guarantee that none of your guests will be thinking, “Oh my goodness, I’ve seen that at dozens of other weddings.” Mostly because, unlike your vendors, guests don’t tend to go to dozens of weddings. And if the vendors think it’s overdone … well, their opinions shouldn’t really matter to you that much. They’re there to do a job, not judge you.

And speaking of vendors – if you’re looking for an idea that will likely be novel to your guests, use those folks you’ve hired as resources! They’ve worked a bunch of weddings and have seen tons of ideas being used. There’s no one better to know what actually works and what ends up being a total train wreck.

Are you worried that something you’re considering has been done too many times before? Did you use a “trendy” idea at your wedding? Let me know all about it in the comments below!

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