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Wedding brain and anxiety

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(My A-Z Guide is a resource for people planning an event, be it a wedding, birthday party, shower, etc. As long as it’s related to events, it’s fair game for this series. Please add to the usefulness of this guide by leaving your opinion, advice, or perspective in the comments below! And if you have topic suggestions, definitely mention those, as well!)

Weddings make people crazy. And by “people”, I basically mean everyone – the couple, family, friends, guests. I’m pretty sure the only ones who aren’t crazy are the couple’s pets, and even they might get caught up in the insanity. This is normal. It’s to be expected. So please don’t beat yourself up when it happens. You’re juggling a lot of things, and that can make a person a bit nuts.

If you were throwing a regular party, no one would get their panties in a bunch if their kids weren’t invited. With weddings, this all changes. With a normal party, no one freaks out if they aren’t welcome to bring a date. Welcome to weddings, where this can turn into a huge issue. And in party-land, someone not RSVPing just means they might be there or they might not. But in Wedding World, that lack of an RSVP throws off the entire seating chart and is not acceptable!!!

What am I saying here? That while many folks view a wedding to be just a bigger party, it’s not. And this causes many couples quite a bit of angst. The cure – don’t view the wedding as a party with some vows thrown in. It’s big. It’s important. And it has its own stressors. Do not judge yourself for getting a bit freaked out, and try to not judge your guests when they get all weird on you.

When it gets really bad, let yourself spend a bit of time in Angst Land, then pack your bags and get out of there. Go to the gym. Hang out with your dog. Go make out with your future spouse. Do something to bring yourself back to Normal Land. But don’t berate yourself for the time you spent freaking out. That will only make it worse, and then you’ll judge yourself for making it worse, and it’ll turn into this horrible downward spiral. Just feel the angst, revel in it a bit, and let it go.

Have you freaked out yet during wedding planning? What did you do to back away from Angst Land? Let me know in the comments below!

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