Who Am I?

As much as I never thought I’d be saying this, I love to throw a great party. A few years ago, I was an emergency veterinarian, and now I’m an event planner. Incidentally, I’m also awesome at skiing but horrible at stopping. Allow me to explain …

My husband loves to throw parties, but when we first started dating, his idea of throwing a party was buying a bunch of beer and setting out some chips and dip. With each party we hosted together, I found myself getting more and more into it. Eventually, I got really good at expanding on my husband’s relatively simplistic party ethos and realized that I could rock a really awesome event. As opposed to having entertaining come naturally (like my husband), growing into it meant that I had to pay attention, and paying attention – to everything – is what makes a flawless event. (And if your party needs them, I can get beer, chips, and dip without his help.)

During the years I was in veterinary school, I never expected to end up as an event planner. When I got engaged, I was working as an emergency veterinarian and figured that I’d despise planning our wedding. Partway through the process, though, I realized that not only was I good at it; I was having an absolute blast. At the same time, I started getting really burnt out at my day job. Eventually, I walked away from veterinary medicine and threw myself into event planning. While it might not be obvious, many of my veterinary skills are surprisingly transferable. I’m fantastic at communicating with people during incredibly stressful situations, I’m great at predicting what might go wrong and pre-emptively coming up with solutions, and I think fast on my feet while keeping my cool.

Weddings and parties are celebratory occasions. My goal with both types of events is that everyone in attendance has a fantastic time. As weddings are special, one-of-a-kind events, they can often result in extra stress for the couple getting married. Therefore, my extra-super-duper goal with weddings is to alleviate as much of the couple’s stress as possible in regards to the party aspect, so they can focus on that thing that follows – the marriage. Plus, it’s a lot easier for the couple getting married to have a great time when they’ve been set free to experience their party, rather than executing it.

Every couple’s wedding should embody the essence of who they are, and that will mean different things to different people, thank goodness! I embrace that diversity. As I said in the ceremony I wrote for my own wedding:

“We recognize those who are still denied the civil right of wedded union and forbidden the social and legal benefits of marriage. While progress is being made, we acknowledge that we have farther still to go and more we can do to respect the choice to love, and be loved.”

Put differently, “LGBTQ folks, I can’t wait to work with you!”

As for the skiing thing – I can ski down a mountain like nobody’s business, speed, style, and grace abounding. However, for me, stopping usually involves an incredibly awkward, and often painful, fall. So, if your event involves skiing, I’ll still do my absolute best, while desperately hoping that there’s something soft at the bottom of the hill. And if there aren’t any snow or skis involved, I promise that I’ll do everything I can to make your event (unlike my skiing) run smoothly and end well! Contact me today for your initial free consultation!

Flawless Planning.  Flawless Execution.  Flawless Events.