Event Services and Pricing

Obviously, parties can vary wildly from one to another, which is why I don’t offer one-size-fits-all packages. However, since it’s a huge pet peeve of mine when a potential vendor’s website provides no pricing information whatsoever, here’s a rough idea of what I charge for each level of service. Contact me for your free initial consultation, and within 48 hours of that meeting, I’ll give you an estimate tailored to your specific needs.

Consulting – $50/hr, 1-hour minimum
Are you overwhelmed and don’t quite know where to start? Do you have a really awesome idea but no clue how to make it happen? Is the thought of making a realistic budget causing you to break out in hives? Do you have a handle on the planning process, but still have a few questions? If so, this option might be for you. We’ll work through whatever is causing you grief. Consulting can be done over the phone or, if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, in-person.

“Day-of” Coordination – Starting at $250
This option is for the client that has everything planned, but doesn’t want to worry about anything on the day of the party. It includes a meeting about one month prior to the party, a walk-through of the venue, contact with all people involved in the party two weeks beforehand, figuring out how the party should flow, and start-to-finish management at the party.

Partial planning – $500-$1000 (pricing depends on the size/complexity of the event)
This is for the client who wants something in between the standard “day-of” coordination and full planning. In addition to all of the “day-of” services, you’ll get budget advice, vendor research/recommendations (based on the information you provide during our initial consultation), additional email support as needed, and keeping track of RSVPs (and hunting down those who cannot be bothered to respond).

Full planning – Starting at $1500 (pricing depends on needs of client)
This option can vary a lot between clients, but whatever you need, I’m on it. Examples of services typically provided with this option include budget development, vendor and venue research/recommendations, contract negotiation and review, site visits, attendance at vendor meetings, keeping track of RSVPs, and unlimited access via phone, email, or Skype. This option also includes all “day-of” services.

Crafting help – $30/hr + materials
If you want a hand-made look but are craft-impaired, feeling overwhelmed by the projects you’ve selected, or break out in a rash at the thought of entering a Michael’s (or all three!), let me come to the rescue! I’ll do everything from helping you select a project to completing the final product. And we can work together, or you can hand everything over to me and go enjoy a glass of wine.

My passport is current and I’ll happily go wherever you need me to go. There are no travel fees associated with parties less than 25 miles from Pittsburgh. Beyond that, I ask that you pay for a hotel room the night before and the night of your party, meals at the IRS per diem rate, and either mileage at the IRS per diem rate (if it’s within driving distance) or airfare and a rental car. Whatever I pay is what you pay, and I promise to find the best deal I can. If you’re using multiple out-of-town vendors, I’m cool sharing a hotel room, especially since I don’t envision spending a lot of time in there. Something tells me I’ll be fairly busy :)

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