Micah’s 1st Birthday

This was officially a birthday party for a 1-year-old. The “theme” was “M” and “1″ (the child’s first initial and age) and blues and greens, to match the invitations. The father’s birthday was the same weekend, and after the birthday boy went to bed, the birthday dad was able to celebrate his own birthday, too.

“Heather was the event planner for our son’s first birthday, and we could not have successfully executed his party without her. Not only was Heather professional, friendly, and creative; she was also ridiculously organized. As a program manager, I pride myself on having meticulous organizational skills, and I was blown away by Heather’s attention to detail. Heather’s planning made it so that myself and my husband could enjoy the day without rushing to execute last minute party details or fret over guests which, as any new parent will tell you, is no small feat! Furthermore, Heather ensured that our son’s birthday was as unique as he. From the invitations to the guest bags, Heather worked with us to craft custom solutions that accurately and elegantly represented our family. In the end, and as a consequence of Heather’s efforts, my son’s birthday party exceeded all of my expectations. I can’t imagine having anyone else plan events for us and I can’t wait to see what awesome ideas she has for our son’s next birthday!” — Anna Nash (mom)

“My wife and I hired Heather for our son’s first birthday party. I must admit, hiring an event planner for a first birthday party was not something I had previously considered. In retrospect, it was an absolutely fabulous decision, and I strongly recommend it (well, Heather specifically) to others. Heather did a fantastic job and made sure our son’s birthday party was perfect in every way. She took care of everything – from working with us to plan the theme, to custom-made decorations, to making sure the day went completely according to plan. Her professionalism, hard work and creativity meant not only a wonderful party that far exceeded my expectations, but also two parents who got to relax and enjoy the day as well!” — Rich Friedberg (dad)

Flawless Planning.  Flawless Execution.  Flawless Events.