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Recap – Pirate-themed Co-ed Baby Shower

Champagne at Pittsburgh pirate-themed baby shower

I have a confession: I am embarrassed that I haven’t done a recap on this event yet. Other than my wedding, this is the first event I ever did. And when I say, “did”, I really mean it. I cooked the food, came up with the favors, made the “cake” … other than the invitations [...]

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Ian’s 37th Birthday Party

Cacti - Pittsburgh 37th Birthday Party

I threw a birthday party for my husband recently, and decided to go all out, making all of the food and decor. We started off with some simple chips and dip. I’d like to take this opportunity to point out the napkins next to the stack of plates. About a year ago, I decided that [...]

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Crayon Ornaments

Having found yet another opportunity to join the Pintester Movement, I opted to attempt DIY Crayon Ornaments originally posted by The Swell Life. This also meshes with The Cheeseblarg’s need for ornaments. I started out with the obvious step of gathering my supplies – hair dryer, crayons, glass ornaments, and a craft knife: I used [...]

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Candle Decorating – The Fire Part

After decorating a bunch of candles for The Pintester Movement, the next logical step was to light them on fire. After all, unless it’s some rare, limited edition sculptural candle, there’s no point having a candle that you aren’t ever going to burn. To most closely approximate the candle usage process, I lit all three [...]

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Candle decorating

As I previously revealed, I’m not that into flowers. However, I am a fan of candles – they’re pretty and they involve lighting things on fire. Winning. I saw a link to this post on A Girl in Paradise about transferring a design to a candle on Pinterest ages ago. And then, the post appeared [...]

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Coffee filter centerpieces

I have a confession to make. Ready for it? I’m really not that into flowers. Don’t get me wrong – I think they’re pretty and they smell good. However, I kill plants and therefore no longer bother trying to grow them. And whenever I try to use (non-toxic) flowers as decor in my house, my [...]

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