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Recap – Pirate-themed Co-ed Baby Shower

Champagne at Pittsburgh pirate-themed baby shower

I have a confession: I am embarrassed that I haven’t done a recap on this event yet. Other than my wedding, this is the first event I ever did. And when I say, “did”, I really mean it. I cooked the food, came up with the favors, made the “cake” … other than the invitations [...]

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75th PRSEF Anniversary

Last weekend, I coordinated the celebration for the 75th Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Regional Science & Engineering Fair for the Carnegie Science CenterĀ (CSC). I used to volunteer for their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) office, which is how they found me. And the celebration was really neat. Parkhurst, the CSC caterer, provided the beautiful [...]

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The Pollinator

Recently, my husband and I threw a party that I coined “The Pollinator”. The entire point of the party was to expand our social circle, so the price of admission was that every single invitee who attended bring a guest. Said guest had to be someone that neither my husband nor I knew well, with [...]

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Froggy and Batman Birthday

This was basically a combo party for father and son, as both share a birthday weekend. For this party, the mom and I went with a frog/Batman theme, as the son has his favorite frog stuffed animal and the father is convinced that he is Batman. We went all-out with the son’s invitations, but scaled [...]

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Michelle & Kyle’s Tiki Wedding Shower

Michelle and Kyle are going to Hawaii for their honeymoon, so it seemed fitting to have a Tiki-themed shower for the two of them. Plus, Michelle is a big fan of the mustache trend, so there clearly had to be at least a few of those sprinkled throughout. As the couple brew their own beer, [...]

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