Flower and Shell - Pittsburgh Tiki Luau Wedding Shower

Tiki-themed wedding shower

"We were delighted to have Heather execute our Wedding Shower ... and it was done flawlessly! From the little details of the day to the large ones, it was a work of art. Heather is able to pay so much attention to exactly what a party needs and effortlessly makes it so personal. My (now) husband and I were extremely surprised by every aspect of the evening. Heather is one to embrace quirky aspects (like my irrational love of mustaches) and make sure that those elements appear. Our favorite event of the evening was our blind couples test, where we had to answer questions about each other and reveal our answers. This was so much fun, and we were asked the perfect questions that had us racking our brains for the perfect answer." -- Michelle Schriver


Flawless Planning.  Flawless Execution.  Flawless Events.